somewhere to start.

so I’ve hemmed and hawed a lot about what to do as a first post, and I suppose it’s time to just start writing and get over myself. so in lieu of any actual organization, here’s a bunch of current moods.

current fixation: fantasy consoles. late to the party. love the idea. toying with a bunch of ideas, including remaking a retro shooter game I did ages ago, doing a tribute to Ultima III, or doing a riff on Adventure – two games which definitely locked me into game dev.

current events: Ludum Dare: 9 days away. haven’t participated before, despite being an indie dev for more years than LD has been a thing. should probably do it this year.

current dev mode: tic-80. I love pico-8 too, but tic-80 gives me a little more wiggle room on easy mode. spent way way way too much time doing pixel art RPG sprites and backgrounds already. sunk cost fallacy for the win.

current experiment: graph databases. lots of good reasons to use them instead of relational, but need to play in the space to get a feel for them.

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