it’s on.

officially – or at least as official as these things get:$162005/im-in

using Pico-8. wanted to use TIC-80 but realized that Pico-8 will help rein in my tendencies to perfectionalize, which is absolutely a word. 48 hours ain’t exactly a lot of time to dive into rabbit holes either, so the super limited environment will force a focus on gameplay.

experimenting with design in devtime using a doc/code/play cycle. will be building a mindmap for initial brainstorm ideation, a vision statement, a high concept doc, and a mutant hybrid of the game design doc and they product breakdown structure (because it’d take me all 48 hours to build out the gdd). in between each of those is a playable deliverable.

probably going with an ecs framework because why the heck not. it’s the cool thing right now, so may as well play in the space.

will make a trello. okay, technically already made it. I’ll link it when the crazy starts.

don’t love any of the themes but that’s part of the charm, right?

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